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Adding a sunroom to your home provides an exciting new way to enjoy all that we love about the outdoors. Just wait until you see how sunroom living can change how you and your family enjoy each other – and life! There’s a reason that we at Paramount Improvements say, “Every Day is a Vacation”!

Here are just some of the many ways homeowners enjoy using a sunroom:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner room
Playroom for kids
Place to work
Exercise room
Reading room
Place to knit or do crafts
Watch TV, listen to music
Place to enjoy a spa
Holidays, birthdays, special occasions
Game room
Lazy afternoon naps
Enjoy sun and fresh air
Sunny place to grow plants
Smoking room, separate from the house

We understand that when you’re considering making a major change to your home, you need information and ideas to help you make the best choice for you and your family. So we invite you to browse our site. It’s our goal to help make your shopping easier and faster!